Amethyst Pendant Purple

Suitable For personal use, Home & Office Decoration, Collecting, Gifts, Study, "Vastu Correction".
Due To The Natural Materials Used Each Specimen Is Unique And Will Be Similar To The Shape And Orientation Shown In The Pictures.
Amethyst is an Amazing Master Healer and Powerful Crystal / Stone to Protector from Negative Energies, Attract Business Luck and Opportunities in Life

Color: Purple
Material: Agate Crystal & Brass

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Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace. Multiple, natural amethyst points in a deep, dark purple give you ultimate purple perfection. Delight your neck with this whimsical, weighty chunk. They are believed to aid spiritual growth and are known to be powerful natural stress relievers Each stone is unique, so shape, clarity, and size may vary. Ideal For: Mother's Day Gift, Birthday Gift , Ideal To Gift Sister


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