Amethyst Pendant - Purple

Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace.

- Multiple, natural amethyst points in a deep, dark purple give you ultimate purple perfection.
- Delight your neck with this whimsical, weighty chunk.
- They are believed to aid spiritual growth and are known to be powerful natural stress relievers.
- Each stone is unique, so shape, clarity, and size may vary.

Size- Length: 32 mm ,Height:49mm
Material - Agate Crystal & Brass
Color - Purple
Package Contain: Only Pendant

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Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace - Amethyst pendant Suitable For personal use, Gifts, Study, "Vastu Correction". - Due To The Natural Materials Used Each Specimen Is Unique And Will Be Similar To The Shape And Orientation Shown In The Pictures. - Amethyst is an Amazing Master Healer and Powerful Crystal / Stone to Protector from Negative Energies, Attract Business Luck and Opportunities in Life


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