Copper Bottle With Glasses

- Material: Pure Copper| Capacity - One Litre / 1000 ml|
- Dimensions- HxBxL- 27x7.5x7.5 in cm
- This copper bottle for drinking water is seamless and has properties for Ayurveda healing. Bottle can be use in kitchenware, office,gym, sports, travelware.
- Helps in pregnancy- for any pregnant women, having a glass of copper pot water is extremely essential for both women and child.
- Drinking water from copper pot thus helps you to look younger and healthier.
- The copper items have properties that help kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation within the stomach, making it a great
remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infection.
- Keep water overnight in the copper pot and it
will imbibe all the medicinal and Ayurvedic benefits to the water. Drink it empty stomach every morning and see the benefit
- The copper item is ideal for baby, kids, adults.

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Designer Copper Bottle. Gift your loved ones these amazing copper Bottles Ideal for keeping yourself hydrated all-day-long, these bottles are durable.


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